A Peaceful Path

January 5, 2022

Happy 62 Birthday to me!!!

Having reached the age of 62, my life has been down many different paths. Now I can truly say; the path for me has reached that “Peaceful Setting”. The “Peaceful Setting/State of Being” is in my soul, that is; my inner self.

It’s taken a lifetime to find and has been worth the effort and I am going to make a statement about all of this, as simple as possible:

This “Peaceful State” has not been found in association with family, friends, co-workers, social network, church attendance or some type of special interaction with any other human being in my life. Please don’t think I’m speaking against such interaction, if they are helpful in your life, than that is wonderful and I mean it from the depths of my soul. Nevertheless, I believe a Spiritual Relationship with the “Eternal Being One God” is of greater value, than all earthly relationships…

It is completely and totally in an individual & personal relationship with the Spirit of the Lord, who is the “Eternal Being One God.”

If you do not understand what I’m talking about, then it is most likely you never will, as is the case with the vast majority of humanity or at least you’ve probably not on that Journey yet or maybe you are just starting the Journey.

I was Saved by Grace through Faith at the age of 17, so my Christian Faith Journey has now been 41 years. This Journey has allowed me to Pastor and Preach in Baptist Churches (ABA, BMA & SBC) for the past 32 years.

I’ve been able to read each of the 3 different Greek Texts of the New Testament several times; the entire Bible several times; have read very many Bible based books & related literature;

I’ve read the studies on this Website:


many times, even after they were posted;

I’ve listened to all of the Sermons on this site:


at least once, some of them 2, 3 or even 4 times; and have listened to many thousands of Sermons from other Pastors/Preachers; and have completed a BA, MA and PhD in Biblical Studies from a Theological College of which was only accomplished for my personal sake of determination.

So what has this Journey of Life taught me? Based upon my understanding of this Journey, the goal is a personal encounter with the “Eternal Being One God”, as to submit one’s will to “His Spiritual will”. Only then can a person find that Peace of the Soul.

I sincerely encourage you to begin a most Excellent Spiritual Journey. Take the time on a daily basis to Listen to the Hymns, to the Audio Bible Sermons and Read some of the Bible Studies on this Website.

Only You can take this Journey… It’s for your Personal Spiritual Health…

It makes no difference who you are or who you think you are; it makes no difference what you have or what you think you have, nor does it make a difference what you think you know or for certain your so-called social statues.

If you do not get past these dumb ideas of the human nature, you will never advance in your Spiritual Journey.

I hope you, as a viewer will soon find that Peaceful Path also. You should make every effort to start this amazing Journey. You don’t have to let it take some 40 years like myself and don’t be like most of the people of the world, as they will never even start the Journey…